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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Monday 25th July 2011 Skipton to Malham

Weather :  Cloudy with some sunshine and warm
Distance:  13 miles

Another good night's sleep in a super B&B - Howard and his wife were lovely and we had a good chat after breakfast.  And it was a good breakfast including scrambled egg and bacon.  We set off at 9:25am after buying a sandwich and bananas from Skipton Market.  It was a short, step climb out of Skipton and we were into the moors and fells again.  We soon had fantastic views back down the hill to Skipton but we were heading for Sharp Haw (357m).  A bit of a slog but again with great views.  A slog is always worth it when the views are so good.  We reached the brow of the hill and surveyed the landscape  and it was good!  Next stop was Flasby which was a beautiful hamlet with stone built cottages.  We then had an idyllic walk along the bank of Hetton beck until I spotted... a bull..on its the field we were about to enter.  Now he looked quite placid but, after some discussion, we decided discretion was the better part of valour and we made a detour onto a  nearby lane and into the village of Hetton.  Mrs C was very understanding about my fear of all things bovine...

We arrived in Hetton and had our lunch sat on a convenient bench in the sunshine.  After lunch I announced that we should call in The Angel and have a drink - which we did.  Half of Hetton Pale Ale for me and a ginger beer for Mrs C and we sat in the sunshine- cheers!  The trail was calling us and we were soon on our way again.  We headed along Moor Lane and aimed for Weets Top (414m).  Another steady uphill walk - moorland, travel track, heather.  We even met cows.  Mrs C was her usual brave self and led the way using her best farmer's voice to keep them away from us as one or two were looking at us with a threatening air (well, in my opinion and you now know how I feel about cows...).  When we had passed them and had a wall and gate between us I looked back to see half a dozen cows on the paths we had just walked along..!  We reached Weets Top and were rewarded with a fantastic view of the hills all around with Ingleborough in the distance beckoning us.

Now it was time for our rewards - Gordale Scar and Janet's Foss.  I've seen them before but Mrs C hadn't so I think it was a real treat for her.  Gordale Scar is awe-inspiring - a visual feast and Jane was suitably impressed.  Janet's Foss was also a delight with dappled greenness and a sparkling waterfall.  The wonderful smell of wild garlic (it was furious),sight of sweet wild flowers such as cranesbill, meadowsweet, vetches and red campion and the sound of the birds were all together a delight for the senses.  Joy of joys - the tea van was still open near Gordale Scar so a refreshing cup of tea each and a chance to 'people watch' for a while.

It was then a mile walk to the Malham and the Youth Hostel.  We had dinner at the Buck Inn and then back to the hostel to chat in the lounge with fellow hostelers and write up the diary.

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